Schools of Tosterglope, Barskamp and especially Altgarge

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      Schools of Tosterglope, Barskamp and especially Altgarge


      I was recently at the home site of Alt Garge guest book. I could not get past the spambot input and so through their links I ended up here. So I hope it is okay to post here?? I had been wanting to post and ask about the schools of Alt Garge for a little while anyway. This is what I wrote after remarks about the website : " I have been browsing a little here and at Chronik of Barskamp; and for a little more information about the Teachers at Barskamp or somewhere in Bleckede and Tosterglope for Heinrich Carl Dieterich König Koenig school teacher zu Altgarge married to Katharina Dorothea Elisabeth Meyer zu Oldendorf at Barskamp 3.Dec.1865. a/1865 Nahrendorf.

      So far I have failed to see him listed as a teacher on the above mentioned sources. Would Altgarge have had their own school for him to have taught there. My recently acquired Church records only listed him as teacher and his residence as Altgarge. There was nothing else written about him. I am not ignoring the fact that he could have moved after the marriage. Or moved to Altgarge from another area. Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas." thanks"

      That is pretty much what I wanted to say here too. I wonder where else to look to see where he might have lived and taught after 1865.

      I also was reading about the new school in Tosterglope and how it was acquired. There was a mention of Rudolf Meyer of Nahrendorf, and his land sales transaction had me wondering too a bit since I learned Dorothea had stepbrother Herman Rudolph Friedrich Meyer born 1867. He lived early life at Roethen, by Oldendorf, so I don't know if there is a connection to the other Rudolf. And I am just throwing it in the post pot, because I feel the need to do so. [One of their sisters married someone in the shipping business. My thoughts are of Schmeil ---]
      Where could I look, anyone know of a Koenig teacher of Altgarge or Barskamp or the area. ?

      I sure hope I am allowed to post here, if not feel free to delete it.